The Blue Estate aims to be one of the World's safest communities, offering absolute peace of mind and unprecedented levels of privacy. Unlike traditional land based 'gated communities', the Blue Estate has no need for fences and gates, to protect its residents.

The unique feature of a floating community is its natural protection thanks to the surrounding sea. This makes for easy monitoring of any incoming vessels, in order to protect the floating island from unauthorized visitors.


The Blue Estate base platform measures 4921 feet (1500 m) in length and 3280 feet (1000 m) in width, comprising a base area of more than 9,300,000 sqft (865,000 sqm) which equals almost half the size of Monaco.

The expansive size allows for a great inertia, making the island incredible stable. Unlike ships that get tossed around constantly by ocean waves, on the Blue Estate nobody will even be able to detect even the tiniest movement, far surpassing the stability of the largest cruise ships to date. This ensures that even the most sensitive residents won't encounter problems with seasickness. 

The outside walls of the Blue Estate will protect all residents from waves and high winds. With more than 164 ft (50 m) in height, the outside walls will dwarf even the biggest ocean waves.

Should the winds exceed a critical speed, the automated hurricane shutters will be extended to shield off the Blue Estate and prevent any damage.

The Blue Estate is engineered to be able to withstand even the worst storms. But for the comfort of our residents, the Blue Estate will be moved out of the way, in case of an incoming storm or hurricane. In fact our residents will stay far more secure than anyone living on land, near the shoreline.


The Blue Estate emphasizes the freedom, equality and prosperity of all its residents.

We believe that a modern society doesn't need an overwhelming amount of rules and regulations, but only a few important pillars, that ensure a peaceful coexistence. 

Therefore we have established a human rights charta and a progressive and highly effective dispute resolution system, that grants and protects the rights of every individual resident.


The Blue Estate employs strict immigration checks for visitor and for non residents, in order to prevent entry of hostile individuals or dangerous goods.

To facilitate entry to residents and accredited employees, we will offer automated fast-track check-in terminals, to use with your Blue Estate ID.

The Blue Estate will have trained security staff onboard, that will ensure the safety of every resident and visitor. Everybody can call these fast response teams on site, in case of an emergency. Either with one of the numerous 'emergency assistance booths' or via the Blue Estates proprietary smartphone app. In any case we guarantee a response time of less than 5 minutes.


The Blue Estate strict privacy rules allow for an unbothered life, shielded-off from prying eyes of the press and intrusive and envious stalkers.

No matter if you're a renown celebrity, a company CEO, a HNWI or a regular family that wants to get away from their curious neighbors, we can offer you the needed privacy to lead a peaceful life.