Please find the answers to the most common questions we're receiving. Should you have a question that is not already answered below, feel free to contact us.


Q: Will I get seasick on the Blue Estate?

No, in fact the Blue Estate floating structure is as stable and motionless as if you'd be living on land. This is possible due to the enormous mass and expansive size, which won't be disturbed by even the biggest seas.

Q: Is there a risk of sinking?

No, the Blue Estate is engineered and build from ultra resistant composite concrete modules. The flotation base exterior shell is several meters in thickness and could not be severely damaged even by collision with a very large ship. Additionally the structure is segmented in several thousand separate compartments.

Q: Do I have to be afraid of large waves or storms?

No, the exterior walls are towering more than 160 ft (50 m) high offering more than enough protection in rough seas. In case of high winds the hurricane shutters will be deployed to shield-off the island safely. Should there be a strong hurricane incoming, the Blue Estate will move to a calmer location beforehand. 

Q: What happens in case of a medical emergency?

The Blue Estate has its own modern clinic facilities, not only for emergency treatments, but also for all regular medical consultations. The clinic will provide state-of-the-art diagnostics, affordable health insurance and modern health care programs. Learn more HERE.

Q: How will you deal with crime? Is there a police?

The Blue Estate will have trained security personnel onboard that will protect all residents and visitors. There will be strict security checks for everyone, prior to arriving on the island. Possession and import of dangerous items or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited within the Blue Estate. You can check the community rules HERE.

Q: What happens to people or companies that violate the rules or the rights of other residents, visitors or staff?

The Blue Estate employs a modern form of 'Dispute Resolution' that does not require expensive lawyers, courts or judges. Based on the severity of the violation, a penalty will be given that equals the damages and discourages offenders of illegal activities.

Please also refer to our Legal & Rules page.

Q: Why should I consider working with the Blue Estate Group?

The Blue Estate takes the safety and health of its employees very serious. All employees will receive fair salaries and complimentary health insurance. Accompanying children will be eligible for free education from toddles age on. We'll well exceed the current standards of the luxury cruise industry for labour safety at sea. You can apply for job offerings HERE.


Q: How can I get to the Blue Estate and how long does it take?

You can reach the Blue Estate by private boat, high speed ferry, water plane and helicopter. Regular shuttle transits will be available from / to: Miami (Fl, USA) and Nassau (Bahamas). Transit times of less than two hours are will be achievable with air travel. Transfers will start from $ 35-45 USD/trip

Q: Is there a school, what are the fees?

Yes, the Blue Estate International School will offer education options for all age groups, from toddlers to diploma / high school graduates. There will be NO mandatory school fees. Please learn more HERE.

Q: Can I get insurance (health, liability, real estate) on the Blue Estate?

Yes, the Blue Estate Group will offer affordable and flexible insurance options from day one to every resident and their families. More information HERE.

Q: Will it be expensive to live on the Blue Estate?

Cost of living on the Blue Estate will be comparable with those of larger cities on land. For example the average family of four will need a budget of $4,250USD/month, a single persons estimated monthly costs are $1,150USD/month. (excluding rent or property investment). Utility costs will start from $ 2 USD /sqft for entry-level properties

Q: Will I have to pay any taxes or fees (personal or business)?

There will be absolutely no personal income tax, no VAT, no property tax and no business tax imposed on the Blue Estate residents and companies. However we will charge small document fees for administrative procedures like buying/selling property or annual business licenses.

Q: What leisure activities will be available?

Plenty. The Blue Estate will offer a large quantity of different sports, countless bars & restaurants, cinemas & theaters, beach clubs & aqua parks, playgrounds & parks, pools & lagoons. There will be options free of charge and also payed ones available.

Q: Are there services like child care, maid, laundry, food & groceries delivery available?

Yes, we will provide all amenities you're used to on land, and more. The Blue Estate emphasizes a service oriented approach, to offer our residents and visitors an amazing 5* hotel lifestyle in their every day life.

Q: What kind of food will be available, and where do I get it from?

The offer will range from regular super markets to exclusive international gourmet shops, from casual street food to Michelin starred restaurants. There will be plenty of options for every taste and budget.

Q: I need frequent medical treatments and medication will this be a problem?

No, the Blue Estate Clinic will offer affordable and modern health care to every resident and visitor. We also emphasize alternative treatments that might not be available in your country. Compared with the medical costs and insurance fees of the U.S., your medical bill on the Blue Estate will be about 1/4 or less of these costs.


Q: Who can become resident and how is the procedure?

Everyone, regardless of nationality or country of residence, is able to become resident on the Blue Estate. After you have purchased your new home, you and your family will automatically be eligible for permanent residency on the Blue Estate. 

Q: Is there a maximum duration of stay?

No, all residents can stay on the Blue Estate as long as they wish to, given they're owning or renting a property of their own. Only visitors have to apply for a visitor visa prior to arriving.

Q: Can I work as an employee or start my own business?

Yes, both will be possible for everyone. Starting your own business is a straight forward process, so is hiring people for your company. The Blue Estate Group will post job offers shortly HERE.

Q: What kind of business am I allowed to run?

Almost any you can imagine. All business applications are being reviewed prior of being granted the annual business license. You can apply for your license HERE. Your business has to align with the Blue Estates Core Values and safety guidelines in order to be approved.

Q: Can I bring my family with me?

Absolutely. The Blue Estate is very family friendly and offers a great and safe environment to raise your children. We offer excellent education options from a young age, and numerous leisure activities for your whole family.

Q: How do I pay on the Blue Estate? Will there be a bank?

On the Blue Estate all payments will be made via our proprietary cashless payment system. Each resident will be eligible for one free payment & savings account, that can easily be funded by credit card, wire transfer, cash deposit or Bitcoin. Dedicated business accounts, safe deposit boxes and lending options will be available, too.

Q: Will there be a public resident, company or property registry?

No, the Blue Estate Group highly values the privacy of every resident, investor and employee. We will not publish or share any private information regarding our residents, investors or employees.

Q: Is there an office I can visit to sign my documents? Can I call and discuss the property sale on the phone or Zoom call?

Due to the ongoing work and travel restrictions, we had to postpone the setup of our dedicated offices to a later point. Nevertheless, all paperwork and documents can be completed online and via email. The communication via email and digital certificates is far superior in the ability to document all essential details of a conversation or contract than voice calls.

Q: Can I read a draft copy of a property sales agreement?

Sure, you can download a sales agreement HERE. All property purchases / sales will be subject to this standard agreement.


Q: Will living on the Blue Estate be sustainable?

Yes, the Blue Estate will generate all its energy solely from renewable sources and will have a negative CO2 balance. There will be no single use plastic allowed on the entire island, and our strict waste treatment and zero emission policy, will make the Blue Estate one of the World's greenest city.

Q: How do you generate electricity?

We'll use a wide range of renewable energy sources like: Solar, wind, wave, current and temperature gradient (OTEC) to generate electricity. Batteries will be used for short term, and liquid hydrogen for mid term storage of the produced energy.

Q: Where do you get your fresh water from out at sea?

Fresh water will mostly be generated by desalination, but also as a by product from the hydrogen electrolysis process and from the OTEC power plants. Our super markets will have a wide range of international table water brands available, too.

Q: Where goes the waste water?

The Blue Estate will have modern waste water treatment facilities, that ensures 100% purification before releasing clean water back into the ocean or using it for irrigation. All solid waste components will be composted and recycled.

Q: Will all food need to be imported from land?

No, the Blue Estate not only will be self sufficient in regards of energy and waste management, we aim to produce as much of our residents food on site, too. We'll heavily invest in state-of-the-art sustainable mariculture, hydroponics and cell grown / cultured meat.